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A Guide to Sweet Champagne: Our 9 Favorite Sweet Bubbly Wines

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A Guide to Sweet Champagne: Our 9 Favorite Sweet Bubbly Wines

In this blog post, we discussed sweet champagne, the sweetness level of Champagne, and our top favorite sweet bubbly wines. It is a delicious and complex wine that is perfect for any occasion.

Next time you’re looking for a sweet wine, be sure to try sweet Champagne! Cheers!


Did you think Champagne can only be dry? Move over dry champagne, sweet champagne is in town! And it’s here to stay.

Sweet Champagnes are becoming more and more popular each year, and for good reason. They’re delicious! Plus, their sweet and bubbly profile are a lovely complement to desserts and sweets while also providing a delicious contrast for savory dishes.

And if you’re already looking for a sweet wine that can still be complex and interesting and will make your taste buds happy, look no further than sweet champagne.


What is Sweet Champagne?

sweet champagne doux demi-sec

Sweet champagne is simply Champagne that has added sugar. And it has a high residual sugar content (32 to 50+ grams per liter.) Demi-sec and Doux Champagnes are examples of this type.

Sweet Champagnes are still Champagnes. Meaning that the grapes must come from the Champagne region of France. And like all Champagnes, Sweet Champagne is the classic blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier through the traditional process of “Methode Champenoise” (Champagne Method, aka Traditional Method).

The only difference is in the high sweetness level. To achieve the high sweetness level, the sugar can be added in different ways, but the most common way is by adding a sugar and wine or just sweet wine called dosage. Dosage is a sweet wine made from grapes that have been crushed and then fermented with yeast and sugar.


Sweetness Levels of Sparkling Wine

champagne sweetness scale fortified wine red wine red wine brut nature extra brut extra dry sparkling wine

As shown above in the Champagne sweetness scale, the sweetness level of sparkling wine ranges from “Brut zero,” which is the driest style, to “Doux,” which is the sweetest. 

You will find that sweet champagnes are generally classified between those two styles, “Demi-sec” and “Doux”


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